Filament Reel Roller

I wanted to get the weight of the filament reel off the frame of my printer, so I made this proof-of-concept reel holder, using Wood™, and the Power of Magnetism to hold it to the filing cabinet next to my workbench. I originally intended to use it as a test-bed, and make a better-finished one at a later date, and that might still happen, but I suspect inertia will take hold and I'll end up just using this one forever.

It works very well, except that I failed to take into account that although the magnets I inset into the back of the frame cling very strongly to the steel cabinet, they slide very easily on its smooth surface. At the moment I have it propped up on a cardboard tube, but I'll screw a little tab to its top to hook over the top of the cabinet, and that should secure it without any other outside aid.

The 3d-printed spool runs very freely on a pair of skateboard bearings, and they should take a load off the extruder gear. I haven't noticed any issues with the reel just running on a fixed axle, as is supplied with the printer, but there's no harm in relieving any potential stresses when one can.

I built the reel-holder so that it could also be set down on the table, and the reel mounted on top, on what is now the front edge. Whether that will ever be necessary, who can say, but the option is there if I ever need it.

I suppose I could have 3d-printed the whole thing, but that would have taken considerably longer than it took to knock this up out of scrap wood.

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