PSC 15mm Infantry

I recently got some stuff from the Plastic Soldier Company, amongst which is a set of their early WWII German heavy weapons, and amongst them is this flamethrower figure.

It's fairly representative of the standard of PSC's infantry figures.

Size and proportions are generally OK, though there are some odd quirks, like the bulginess of this guy's back to the right of the flamethrower tank. Detail is pretty soft though, and the poses tend to be quite flat to cater to the limitations of injection moulding. They're intended as wargaming figures, and in that role they serve perfectly well. They're not in the top rank of quality as far as detail and animation goes, but for their intended purpose they don't really need to be. They do take a bit more painting than figures with crisper, cleaner detail, so be prepared for that if it's something that is important to you.

I've yet to see any of Battlefront's plastic figures, PSC's only real competitor so far in the field of 15mm plastic figures, so I can't make any comparison except on price. The BF plastics are considerably more expensive and less comprehensive than PSC's offerings. If you want superior detail, metal figures will probably have the advantage, but again you'll be paying a lot more for them, and quality there is far from guaranteed — I've seen some truly awful metal figures.

In summary, I think they're OK. Not stellar, but OK, and worth the asking price.

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