15mm Zvezda SdKfz 222

The box
This arrived on my doorstep this morning — a 1:100 scale (15mm) Zvezda SdKfz 222, a German light armoured car of WWII.

As always with these little Zvezda kits, it's a snap-together affair. This one was trickier than most to build because quite a few bits interlock, but even so it was a pretty simple kit to slap together.

Something I've found with most of Zvezda's wheeled vehicles is that the axle stubs are a little fragile, so I generally reinforce them by slathering the connection with a boot of 5-minute epoxy. That gives them enough strength to stand up to my ham-fistedness when they're on the wargames table.

Another modification I made was to chop off the turret's peg and add a couple of magnets to allow the turret to turn freely. It's not always necessary, but I thought it a wise precaution in this case because the barrel of the 20mm autocannon is so slender; I don't think it would stand up to some clumsy oaf trying to turn the turret by it against any sort of friction.





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