Carriers Galore!

A few years ago I bought a whole lot of 15mm Universal Carriers at the Christchurch Wargaming Club's annual bring-&-buy. They were very cheap; I think they cost me about a buck each. There were 18 of them, but one of them fell casualty to an over-enthusiastic paint-baking experiment, so now there are 17.

I painted up the three you see in the centre foreground (with the BEF's white square recognition patch) pretty much straight away. At that time I was using the wrong base colour for British equipment; from memory it was Vallejo Russian Uniform, which is much too green.

I finally got around to finishing off the remainder in plain overall Khaki Green #3 with no disruptive Dark Green #4 overlay, mainly because I wanted to get them out in a hurry. If I get the urge, I may go back and add the disruptive pattern later.

Out in front of the column are my 3d-printed Carden-Loyd MG Carriers, in all their clanking obsolescent glory. I rather doubt there were any with the BEF, but there were a few (briefly) recalled to increasingly rattly service back in England after the enormous equipment losses of Dunkirk.

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