Grassy Knoll — Proof of Concept (Mk.I)

I finished off the first of the experimental hill terrain pieces I started yesterday, and it's shown me a thing or two.

The first is that when the weather is crappy, as it has been for the last few days, diluted PVA takes a long, long time to cure.

The second is that, though nicely rounded hills are attractive, a series of flattish levels is more playable.

On this one, only the flattest slope is feasible for placing troops, and then only if they're supported in a movement tray like these ones. This terrain piece would be effectively impassable on three of its four sides, even for infantry, but that's not too terrible a thing — it's good to have the occasional piece of blocking terrain that troops can't just clamber over as if it weren't there. Not too many though.

It has a flattish bit right at the peak to create a blindingly obvious point for a FAO or sniper to sit and then be mortared into oblivion.

I'm not unhappy with it, but it's only a partial success. Fortunately, I have lots more insulation foam to play with.

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