Zvezda Maus (1:100)

This battle station is now the ultimate power in the universe!
A bunch of Zvezda stuff arrived for me from PSC today, and among them is this model of the ludicrously huge Maus super-heavy tank. The original vehicle was never painted in this three-colour splinter scheme as far as I'm aware, but then it also never made it into production, so I don't feel bound by historical precedent when it comes to paint schemes.

I've read rumours of one of them getting into combat against the Soviets in Germany in 1945, but I don't know how much credence to put in such stories. The Soviets certainly did capture one; I think it's now at Kubinka.

I have very little gaming use for the Maus, since it only existed at the opposite end of World War II that I'm mainly interested in, but I have a nostalgic affection for it from back when I first started wargaming as a kid. It was the first tank I ever tried (unsuccessfully) to scratch-build.





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