Battlegroup Equipment Cards

One of the things that the Battlegroup WWII wargames rules have started including is sheets of reference cards for the various vehicles that you might find yourself using, so that you don't have to have  the rulebook open at the table all the time, taking up a whole lot of space.

Unfortunately, the Blitzkrieg book is the one I play from the most, and it was published before these cards became a Thing. So, I decided to make some of my own, having completely forgotten that the publishers have now made separate sets of cards available. For the cost of a few quid I could have saved myself a whole lot of effort. Hey-ho.

I've printed them with an image of the vehicle on one side, handy if you can't remember which model of SdKfz 251 is which. On the other side is the game-relevant information and a coloured background to distinguish the nationalities — khaki-brown for the British and grey for the Germans. The colours are mainly to make sorting them into their sets a bit easier.
NOTE: Unlike most of the printable game aids I make for my own gaming, I won't be making these available for download — there would be copyright issues with many of the images I've used for a start, not to mention that they'd be in direct competition with the Battlegroup card sets, and I like those guys. So, these ones are just for me.

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