Making Wargaming Terrain — an Epiphany

One of the things that has prevented me making terrain pieces in the past (apart from the problems of storage) is that I've been daunted by being in the mindset of "I must have sufficient terrain to play any conceivable scenario". The task seems overwhelming, so it just never gets properly started.

It's taken a good long time, but I've finally managed to change my brain to "I must have sufficient terrain to play the scenario we want to play this weekend — do I have it? If not, make the missing bits."

It makes the job so much more manageable, and of course stocks will accumulate over time so that I'll have fewer and fewer things to make for any given game.

Achievable goals, that's the key.

Something I've never done, and which I probably should start, is to keep a few notes on my processes for particular terrain modules — paint colours, materials etc. That way, when I come back to making river sections, for example, after a year's break, I'll be able to make bits that are more likely to match up with existing pieces.

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