Occupation/Deployment Markers

I play in 15mm, and I don't use buildings with removable roofs. So, for those times when our little troops have occupied a building, I've made these little markers.

I guess they could also be used for concealed deployment.

I thought I would number them on the base so that if need be I can note on my army list which unit is referred to by which flag.


I found some self-adhesive 10mm letters in the scrapbooking section of the Warehouse, which serve my purpose very well, except that there's kind of an odd distribution of characters — only one each of G and 6, for example. Still, they're pretty cheap.

So, this photo shows how I envisage these being used. There are three British units in the two houses to the right, and one German unit in the left-hand house. The players may or may not know the nature of their opponents' units, depending on whether they'd been spied approaching the buildings (and depending on how good their memories are). In the little copse in the centre are two sneaky dastardly Hun units, hiding and not yet revealed.... or are they? They might be dummies, laid out to deceive. They might be a pair of gulaschkanone, or they might be a couple of emplaced MG34 tripods just waiting for the Brits to break cover. It would be nice to know. Maybe just drop a few mortar rounds in there, just to be sure.

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