SdKfz 263 — WiP

Now that the putty has cured overnight, it's on with all the usual palaver of painting.

I start with a black primer (Vallejo Surface Primer, polyurethane: it goes on to plastic very well, and once properly cured is very tough and scratch-resistant).

Then I spray on the grey (VMA German Grey), mostly downwards so that the black still predominates on under-surfaces. I find this helps to exaggerate the shadows a bit; necessary in this small scale. I find the VMA German Grey a bit light for my taste, but it will be darkened somewhat later on with washes.

Last step in the basic paint job is an overall very light dry-brush with VMC Buff. I prefer Buff over a lighter grey; the yellow gives a warmer tone to the scheme, and blends in better with later dust weathering.

Next step, before I go any further, will be to paint on the markings. I have to make a choice at this point whether I want to use the solid white crosses that were used in the very early days of the war, during the invasion of Poland and Norway, or the white-outlined black crosses as used during the Battle of France. I'm leaning towards the later version, I think.

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