Blobby Stowage

I'm not usually much of one for adding all the clutter and crap to my models that actual real-life soldiers tend to accumulate on their actual real-life vehicles, but I thought I might give it a go on this PSC 15mm (1:100 scale) SdKfz 263.

The jerry cans were simple enough, and came from another kit. The helmet was carved off the head of an extraneous crewman.

The rucksack and tarpaulin were made from epoxy putty, and I am more impressed than ever by people who can use that stuff to make miniature things that actually look like the things they're supposed to represent. I'm not too unhappy with the rucksack, but the tarpaulin looks more like a rolled-up feather sleeping bag than anything made of canvas. Hopefully it will look a bit better when I get some paint on to it.

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