Man the Barricades!

Some considerable time ago, I bought a bunch of 15mm Battlefront stuff from the bargain bin. Among them was this this resin barricade set — the truck is a separate piece, and can be replaced with another bit more like the rest of the barricade, or could be if I knew where that other piece was.

The whole lot (except the truck) has been very quickly and simply painted, and then slathered with QuickShade varnish stain. I think it gives quite an acceptable result for terrain pieces like this, but it's going to need a squirt with matte varnish once it's cured.

In the background is another old Battlefront item, an injection-moulded plastic Sherman tank from the Open Fire starter set they released along with Flames of War (3rd Edition I think). I believe their plastic stuff has improved enormously since then, but that Sherman is literally the worst plastic model tank I've ever had the misfortune to put together. You wouldn't believe the amount of carving and body putty required to get it to that state.

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