Plastic Panzer IV

This is the 1:100 scale (15mm) PzIVf from The Plastic Soldier Company.

They come in a box of five for about twenty quid, so what with postage by the time they get here to New Zealand they work out to about $NZ10.00 per vehicle. That makes them some of the cheapest decent 15mm wargaming models available.

I've added some very basic marking decals I got from Battlefront. They're not intended to represent any particular unit; this is a generic model that will mostly be standing in for a PzIV D.

Apart from the decals and paint, and a lead slug glued inside to add some mass, this is the model as built straight out of the box.

They're very simple to assemble, and the results are a pretty good representation of the original vehicle. I would have liked to have seen the inclusion of a barrel with the aerial deflector included; that's the main visual difference between the Mark IV F and the earlier Mark IV D — that and the fact that in France in 1940 it wouldn't have had the Rommelkette (the turret bin). However, as a generic Panzer IV, it will do me fine.

Now there's just the rest of the box to finish.

And here's another one I prepared earlier.
I had completely forgotten about this one.

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