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1:285 scale Hummel 150mm SPG from GHQ

This is an old model from GHQ. I first saw it featured in an advertisement in Military Modelling or the Airfix Magazine — the tagline was "Fight the Desert War in a small way", and they called attention to the shovel on the left hull rear as an example of their attention to detail.

GHQ's current Hummel model
That would have been about 1973-75 or thereabouts; I don't remember exactly.

It would appear that it has been re-mastered since then — no shovel any more, but even more detail everywhere else.
1:300 Brumbär 150mm assault gun from Heroics & Ros (I think)
These Brumbärs are from Heroics & Ros, I think. They have the H&R style. That would mean they're 1:300 scale.

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