Functional Generic 15mm Ruin Terrain

15mm figures (Peter Pig and Battlefront) for scale.
I have, among other tools, a scroll-saw. I also have a bunch of 3mm MDF off-cuts. Combine these things, and I get some very quick and easily-built terrain pieces. This experimental corner-ruin took me about ten or fifteen minutes to cut out and glue up, and about the same to paint. A production-line system could pump out a lot of them quite rapidly.

I've built this little piece to be a generic representation of hard cover, rather than a diorama-quality model of a ruined building. I guess it would be the tabletop equivalent of the fake bunkers and what-not they build for paint-ball ranges.

I'm not particularly interested in playing "moving diorama" wargames — not that I'm actually averse to them, and if somebody else is putting in all the effort in to create the terrain, I quite enjoy them. But I myself can't really be bothered. I guess my target, as far as tabletop terrain goes, is somewhere between a completely flat board-game style, and the elaborate, carefully modelled masterpieces that other more motivated gamers like to produce and use. All my modelling efforts go into the troops and vehicles.

 Next Day:

Another day, another ruin. Two storeys of ruination this time.

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