Lilliputian Armies: the Spanish

I've made a start on the 1:300 Napoleonics I got a couple of weeks ago. There are a lot still to do, but at least it's a nibble into a fairly hefty pie of teensy-tiny-soldiery goodness. These ones are Spaniards, and there's another battalion or two of Spanish infantry still to come, along with a few squadrons of cavalry, but the bulk of the lot are British — I'd say about three or four times as many as I have Spanish, though I haven't done an exact count.

I've made my dislike of production-line painting abundantly clear in the past, but in this scale you can really churn them out if you set your mind to it. The colour schemes need to be simplified somewhat; there's really no point in painting every cartridge box or bayonet scabbard a new colour as it just ends up looking confusing. You can afford to be a bit impressionistic in this scale.

I ended up basing the guns individually on 20 x 20 mm bases for the sake of flexibility: they'll slot nicely into the corners of a battalion square this way. I don't have enough artillerymen to provide full crews for each gun, so most of them just have three men as a token crew; that's fine, they look OK to my eye. I've only got three limbers, but frankly if I find myself having to gallop more than a third of my guns around the battlefield at any one time, I'm probably in deep trouble.

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