Pretty much on a whim, I bought this Airfix 1/48 scale Hurricane Mk.I the other day.

I haven't built a plastic model aeroplane for many, many years... about twenty years, in fact. I was a bit interested in WW1 aeroplanes for a while, and I slapped together a few of them in various scales, but that was some considerable time ago. I still have a few either still pristine in their boxes, or half-built and abandoned at the point when my stringbag obsession suddenly evaporated (I seem to have a hobby turnaround time of about five years). My skills are rusty, to say the least.

One of the problems with building display-scale models is where to put the blasted things once they're done. Our house is already overflowing with knick-knacks covering every flat surface. Maybe I'l hang it from the ceiling by a piece of nylon fishing line, the way I used to do in my bedroom when I was a kid... though I suspect Annette might have a word or two to say about that idea.

Ah well, I'll deal with that problem when (and if) I come to it.

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