Wednesday 10 January 2024



This is a 1:100 scale FDM print of Bergman's SU-76i model, slightly enhanced by me with a little bit of extra detail.

The SU-76i was a Soviet conversion of captured German Panzer III, with the turret removed and the Soviet 76.2mm gun mounted in a casemate.

This one is based on a photograph I saw of one that had been recaptured by the Germans, some time in 1943 I think.

A few days later...

Here's another one, this time still in Soviet hands.

Another FDM print from the same Bergman model, though this one was printed before I added the track and grill detail.


  1. What 3d software are you using to make your models? The designs you are make are amazing

    1. Blender. I've tinkered with a few other apps, but I've never found anything superior enough to be worth investing the time and effort to learn it properly, when I can do everything I need (and more) in Blender. Plus, it's free.