Saturday 27 January 2024

A Horde of Hurricanes


My latest Blender effort is a bunch of Hawker Hurricanes in 1/144 scale.

  • The tan one is a Mk.II-D tankbuster, with two 40mm cannon under the wings. It only kept two .303 machine-guns for sighting the cannon. It has a tropical air cleaner/scoop under its chin.
  • The blue one is a Mk.II-C, armed with four 20mm cannon, and sometimes six .303 machine-guns as well.
  • The green one is a tropicalized version of the cannon-armed II-C.
  • The pink one is the basic airframe, armed with eight or twelve .303 machine-guns.

They all have a 2.6mm diameter hole under the fuselage, for mounting on a flight stand.

The STLs are available at

The model on the left was printed in FDM on my Ender 3, the one on the right is resin from my Mars Pro.

The resin model is a bit crisper, but on the other hand it's less sturdy and more trouble to print. Also, it seems to have been compressed slightly longitudinally.

Both of these are destined to join my Desert Air Force.


I’ve added optional STLs for aircraft with visible ribs on the fabric-covered fuselage rear. In truth, the ribs are hugely over-scale, and in this scale should be barely discernible, but I think they do make the aeroplanes look more Hurricane-ish.


I figured you can't have a Hurribomber without Hurribombs, so I made some.

The bomb racks are contoured to the under-surfaces of the wings, so they're not really interchangeable. Though I doubt anybody would notice if you accidentally got them the wrong way round.

Just make sure the pointy end is to the front.

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