Tuesday 23 January 2024

Henschel HS-123

I recently watched a video about the Henschel HS-123 dive bomber, and I thought I'd make one in 1/144 to help out my ever-so-slowly growing 15mm Afrika Korps.

Apparently it was very highly regarded in its ground-attack role, in spite of its archaic biplane configuration. It was very sturdy, and could take much more battle damage than the Ju87 Stuka and keep flying, as well as coping better with extreme weather conditions on the Eastern Front. The open cockpit must have been a bit of a trial though, flying in a Russian winter.

The harbour in the background is Malta, though the ships are Italian. The photograph was taken when the Italian fleet sailed into Malta to surrender.

No swastika on the tail-fin, because some sites get a bit antsy about that symbol being displayed, even in an historical or modeling context.

The model is enlarged to 1/144 scale from a 1/200 design by Roman Troyan.

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