Sunday 16 April 2023

Vickers Infantry Tank No.2


I printed Roman Vasyliev's model of the Vickers Infantry Tank No.2, rescaled to 1:100.

With a crew of five*, it must have been pretty cramped in there. I've photographed it alongside a Valentine, also in 1:100 scale, and the Valentine was not a notoriously roomy vehicle even with a crew of four.

*Note: I've also seen stats which claim a crew of two, which seems a lot more likely considering the layout of the interior.

I'm coming to truly loathe the eSun water-washable resin I'm having to use. Nothing I do seems to stop it from opening gaping cracks. If I could easily get hold of something else, I surely would, although I don't have a ventilation system set up right now to cater to some of the stinkier resins out there..

I've attempted to disguise the horrible cracking on the port side by slathering on masses of caked-on muck. It's not ideal, but at least it covers it up to a degree.

My collection of British interwar medium tanks proceeds. I'm continuing with it more out of habit than anything else, as the chances of actually doing any interwar era wargaming seem to be becoming vanishingly small.

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