Wednesday 19 April 2023

Sun Shield


I've never seen any wargaming  rules covering its use, but I've designed a model of a M3 Grant wearing a "Sun Shield" truck disguise, because why ever not?

It can be found at

I've wanted a Sun Shield model for the longest time, and now I have one :)

Maybe I'll do one for a Crusader now. Maybe.

In other 3d printing news, I just got this little (very little) ultrasonic bath. It's very basic, with no timers or anything, and the bath itself is just big enough to accommodate my 15mm tank models. There's nothing to adjust; just fill it with your chosen solvent (water for me) and hit the button, and it buzzes away for three minutes.

I thought I'd rinsed out my Sun Shield model pretty well, but I was surprised to see what clouds of uncured resin came streaming away from it with a couple of sessions in the bath. I'd be interested to see how it works with isopropyl or meths.

Apparently you can avoid having to fill the whole bath with solvent by putting your model in a small zip-lock bag with isopropyl or whatever, and put all of that in water in the bath. The water transmits the ultrasonic pulses through the plastic membrane and into the iso. It sounds worth trying out.

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