Monday 17 April 2023

End of an Era


Here it is then. Probably the very last book I'll ever get from The Book Depository.

With their enormous range and free world-wide delivery (not really free, but factored into the book price so it seemed invisible), plus the fact that they took PayPal, has been my go-to book supplier ever since I found out that they existed. They were bought out by Amazon some years ago, and now Amazon has decided to shut them down. Amazon does not accept PayPal.

They must have been working on pretty thin margins, as they were not only much more convenient than local booksellers, but also (usually) quite a bit cheaper. They're still taking and fulfilling orders until April 26th, but I don't think it likely that I'll find anything I desperately want until then, as I'm very much an impulse buyer when it comes to books.

Farewell, BookDepository. You'll be missed. Sorry you got stomped by the big bully on the block.

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