Kettenkrad (15mm)


That talented Mr. Bergman has released a set of STLs for the Kettenkrad (called the Rabbit by the Americans) in 1:100 scale for 3d printing.

The vehicle was a fine and ingenious piece of engineering, but its real usefulness didn't last long during the war — it had very limited load-hauling capability, though it could pull a small trailer, and having the passengers facing backwards proved not to be the best of ideas.

I'm fairly happy with this FDM print, though for things this tiny a resin printer would naturally be better. One day maybe I'll add a driver, but not today.

The figures are 15mm plastic early WWII Germans from PSC.


  1. That turned out really well!

    I have just gotten into this 3d printer business (with an Ender 3), and wondered if you could talk about your workflow for making these things, and settings. Currently I could not produce something that turns out quite that well.

  2. I use Tom Tullis' (Fat Dragon Games) Cura profile for printing miniatures, with the layer height set at 0.08mm and using tree supports. I've dropped the printing temperature down to 195 degrees too, but the best temp will depend on your specific filament — I primarily use eSun PLA+ in grey or black.