PSC 15mm Cromwell


I got this PSC 15mm (1:100) Cromwell as a freebie some time ago, I think for renewing my Wargames Illustrated subscription. (I've since given them the flick, having become fed up with repeatedly not getting my monthly magazine, and also with seeing less and less in it that I was actually interested in).

It's a decent enough little kit, and it comes with an exhaust diversion duct and s Culin hedge-cutter, neither of which I've included. The sprue also includes fore and aft track guards, which I've also left off.

The trickiest bit of assembly is the turret, which has no definite location pins and needs to have its plates held in place while they're being cemented. Also, some of the locating lugs on the one-piece running gear components are much too long, and had to be trimmed off before the element was glued in place.

I was originally going to get some decals for it, but in the end the cost of postage put me off, and I just painted on the markings. As it turns out, hardly any Cromwells actually had the Allied star painted on the turret sides, so I might as well have saved myself the effort there.


  1. Thats a lovely looking model & I like the shade of green you used, is it Vallejo Russian uniform ?