American T-28 (not to be confused with the Soviet T-28)


TigerAce1945 (on Thingiverse) did an American T-28 super-heavy assault tank in 1:100 scale, and I thought I might as well print one or two (only two were ever completed). Just because it never actually made it to the real-life Siegfried Line doesn't mean it can't make it to mine.

It can keep my Tortoises company.

I did these Tortoises a couple of years ago, in 2018.

One of them had its layer-lines sanded smooth, the other didn't — I wanted to see if it was worth the trouble. It wasn't, really.

The unsanded one is on the left.

And here it is, finished.

I decided to print and attach the outrigger track modules as well, which the original vehicle needed to allow mobility anywhere off roads. These supplementary tracks actually supported about 75% of the total weight of the vehicle.

I've never really understood why the T-28 is always referred to as a super-heavy tank. Surely it's a self-propelled gun.

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