Green Devil Face

This is a dungeon dressing piece from Fat Dragon Games, and also a feature of that classic megadeathkill dungeon module, The Tomb of Horrors. I can't remember if it was actually named as such in the module, but I've always known it as the Green Devil Face.

Because I am incredibly slack about tuning and maintaining my 3d printer, I tend to get a lot of stringing and zits on my prints these days, and this is no exception. However, in this instance I don't really mind so much, since it's supposed to be an ancient dungeon thingummy, so a certain amount of cud and cruft is to be expected.

I really should get on to tuning that printer though.


  1. Looks excellent...great paint job.

    [my nine year old just looked over my shoulder and recognized this from our own running of S1, several months back. Iconic piece, to say the least]

  2. I have just added new update to my Ender 3 and the CR10s. The new belt tension devices have made a big difference in the quality of my prints. I have bring running my machines non stop for over a year. The TH3D EZABL leveler has been my best investment. Gone are my leveling headaches... Your blog is awesome.