Iron Age Round House

I've been experimenting with modeling thatch in Blender with an alpha brush, and put together this 15mm Iron Age round-house, as used by the ancient Celts — it's a bit early for my period, but they were still being used occasionally in the early medieval era.

The thatch is a bit too pronounced for my taste, but I don't think it looks too terrible. More practice is needed, obviously.

I've refined the thatch a bit, and added some bark detail to the posts. I'll put it on to print overnight and see how well it does with my 0.4mm nozzle.

Alas, my computer shat itself without warning before I could slice the new version, so I haven't been able to print one. The machine is off at Computer Hospital right now, so hopefully I'll have it back soon.


  1. Looks great! Will be very useful for the Roman era. Are you planing on uploading it to Thingiverse or Wargames3D?

    1. Eventually, but at the moment my computer is bung and I'm waiting to get it back from the Computer Hospital.