CMP 3 ton Radio/Command Truck

I'm scampering about between modeling projects like a cocaine-addled grasshopper. This time I've headed back over to WWII again.

This is one of Bergman's 1:100 CMP 3 ton models, a radio/command truck, and I've painted it to be suitable for the latter stages of the Italian campaign, or for north-west Europe, post D-Day.

For NW Europe, it should also have the Allied stars applied, and maybe I'll return to it at some stage and add those.

The model is printed on my Ender 3 at 0.08mm in eSun PLA (a charming baby blue colour, for what that's worth). The coloured filament seems to me to be very much more brittle than either the grey or black that I've used before, and its inter-layer adhesion is not as good either.

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