Grant (1:100)

I've designed a 1:100 scale M3 Grant tank for 3d printing, to give my desert-war Brits a decent gun before their Shermans start arriving.

This is the first test-print off my Ender 3, and by and large it's turned out OK I think.

Below is a comparison between Battlefront's old resin and metal kit (left) and my 3d print (right). As you can see, the Battlefront kit is substantially taller than my model, but I have double-checked my measurements and I'm confident that I'm right and they were wrong.


  1. Looks superb to me!
    The turret on the Battlefront model is a bit dodgy too, yours looks better.

  2. You are almost certainly correct Peter.

    FoW/battlefront were known for exaggerating their vertical height. They used to scale 1:120, but I cheated and checked my FoW Lee at 31mm tall, which scales correctly to 3.12 metres. Its length listed as 5.64 metres, is the correct length for 1:100 at 56mm. Compared to the Zvezda Lee, which is also pretty much spot-on, your print looks correct and the BF looks too tall - I think the problem is in the BF hull being too high and the bogie arms not being at a shallow enough angle. Having said that , the growsers on your tracks look too close to the bogie arms. It's tricky.

    Regards, Chris

    (I took my listed measurements off the Wiki entry for the Lee)

    Regards, Chris.