Munitionsschlepper auf Pz1A

I've put together a remix of a couple of models (TigerAce's Pz1A, and Bergman's ammo trailer) into a pair of Munitionsschlepper auf Pz1A in 1:100 scale (15mm)

You can download the STLs (free) at

I'm in the process of doing a test print right now. (Done it – see below) The tracks, though nicely detailed, are quite thin, so I make no guarantees about its printability in FDM. Resin shouldn't have any problems though.

Pz1A with ammo trailer

Pz1A with cargo box

First test prints. As expected, the tracks didn't print especially well, but at least they're there and I can disguise the worst of the ugliness with mud and gunge.

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  1. Tried a test print last night of the box on top version. Printed well but the tracks didn't survive my hamfisted attempts of the clean up- they were stuck quite firmly to the raft. Will try again later on and see how I get on.