Very Tiny Toy Soldiers

Since the Royal Mail has not been delivering anything to New Zealand, and I have the Battlegroup: NORTHAG rules to try out but no access to 1:150 – 1:144 scale infantry, I thought that perhaps I should try making some of my own.

And here (right) is the first test print, a four-man 1980s BAOR fire team, alongside a pair of gigantic towering PSC 15mm WWII Soviets, for comparison.

My Ender 3 with its 0.4mm nozzle isn't capable of rendering all the detail present in the model, but it does a good enough job for wargaming purposes.

Here they are alongside a 1:150 scale FV432

This was the first attempt. They printed better, but were about 25% too large.


Team base

Next day...

Now I've added a Carl Gustav team. Haven't printed this one yet, but I don't anticipate any particular issues after printing the fire team base.


  1. They have come out nicely.

    Regards, Chris.

  2. Cool!!! You make me teach Blender or Sculptris))))


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