Unfinished Giant

This is a very old metal Grenadier figure of a Storm Giant that I've had in the unfinished pile for decades, since about the mid to late eighties. I don't know who the sculptor was.

It stands about 75mm tall, and it used to have an excrescence coming off its left hand — I think it was supposed to represent a lightning bolt, that being a thing that D&D storm giants do, but it looked to me more like a long turd, so I cut it off and resculpted the hand a bit.

I also (badly) remodeled the hair some, to cover the terrible botched job I did of pinning and gluing his left arm.

All in all, I really don't like this figure very much at all. That, and the fact that it's quite heavy and difficult to manipulate, means that it's remained unfinished all this time, and realistically it's pretty unlikely ever to be completed now.

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