WWII German Driver

I've been farting about in Blender, making myself a 15mm German driver that I can insert into trucks, half-tracks and the like.

It's a somewhat modified version of my old British driver, and as such, it's not a very flexible model — it's not rigged or anything. That will make further modification tricky, for turning him into a passenger figure for example. Plus, he doesn't have any feet. Poor bastard.

I'm intending it to be inserted into an STL before slicing, rather than to be printed as a standalone figure for gluing into an existing model. I suppose that would be possible, but it would probably need a bit of hacking about to make it fit most models, whereas if I add it digitally it can just be merged with the surrounding geometry.

Meh. Not great, could be worse.

I can get a barely adequate print of these little guys off my Ender 3, but this sort of thing really needs a high-definition resin printer.

I made another one without a steering wheel, for use as a front-seat passenger.

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  1. Not bad given the scale, these will come in handy in many a project.