PzJg 1 (75mm)

The PanzerJager 1  appeared very early in WWII, extending the useful lifetime of the Panzer 1, and it originally mounted a Czech 47mm gun which was quite adequate for 1940. However, combat reports on the vehicles' performance from Russia were not universally glowing, and it was soon superseded by other tank hunters mounting the KwK 75mm on Panzer 2 or Panzer 38t chassis, the Marder series.

This photo was taken in Berlin in 1945, and shows how desperate the Germans were at that time to mount anti-tank guns on just about anything they could find.

The Panzer 1 chassis was already overloaded with the much smaller 47mm gun and superstructure; you can see clearly how very front-heavy it was with a 75mm instead.

I know nothing at all about this vehicle except its existence. I doubt very much that its performance was stellar, but needs must, as they say.

The model came from TigerAce1945's Panzer 1 Pack on Thingiverse, and was printed on my Ender 3 in eSun PLA. The scale is 1:100, for 15mm gaming.

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