Ram Kangaroo

This Marco Bergman's 1:100 scale Ram Kangaroo APC, printed on my Ender 3, and painted up for the early part of the Italian campaign. I added some detail to the track edges, but I neglected to add any track guides before charging ahead and printing it.

The paint I used for the Light Mud camouflage colour came out much brighter and yellower in the photo than in real life, though even in real life it should probably be a bit darker and duller. Hey ho. In truth, I'm not sure that any Kangaroos would have been painted in disruptive camo, but they might have.
Note: Now that I've done the very basic research I should have done before, it turns out that the Ram Kangaroo didn't come into service until quite late in 1944, so it should really just be in plain SCC 15 Olive Drab.


  1. Going by the photo evidence the hatches on the hull sides had their hinges on the left, regardless of which side of the vehicle they are on.

    This scale model has the hinge on the 'front' side of the vehicle.

    So... SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF!!! This is worse than then the C wing Spitfire in the Dunkirk movie!!!


  2. Lots of armour in that scheme in Italy, specifically South African stuff from SA 6th Armd Div which were painted in that scheme in training in Egypt in 43 up until the winter of 44/45 when they were attached to the US 5th Army after the advance through Tuscany ground to halt in the Appenines. But no Ram Kangaroos as you have mentioned as they only came into service after everything went olive drab.