Wednesday 1 August 2018

Pz35(t) — 15mm

The Pz35(t) has been missing from my 15mm Blitzkrieg-era German forces. Fortunately, m_bergman includes one amongst his fantastic collection of 1:100 scale WW2 vehicles on Thingiverse, so I printed one for myself.

This one has been slightly remixed by me; I've added some track pins to give the tracks a bit more character, and I modified the turret hole and plug to take a pair of 3x3mm magnets. It's printed in PLA at 0.08mm layer height.

I'm still having trouble with tiny little hairs being left on surface details as the nozzle lifts away from the print, which means a lot of painstaking clean-up with a very sharp scalpel. More fiddling with settings is in order; I might have to design myself a little testing piece with rivets and what-not all over it that I can print quickly to try out various parameters.

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