Kfz 13-14 (WiP)

I've printed myself a basic 15mm Kfz-13/14 shell. It looks a lot less ragged in real life than in the photo, fortunately.

I want to be able to use this one as a Kfz 13, so I'll have to build a MG-13 pedestal for it, probably cannibalizing one of the MG-34 from the PSC SdKfz 251 kits. I'll print another vehicle body to turn into a Kfz-14, and for that one I'll have to build a frame aerial. My printer would struggle to print either of those add-ons, so traditional scratch-building will have to do the job.

I have a bunch of BF WW1 stormtroopers who will end up crewing them, since they're not of much use to me as footsloggers. I think I'll paint it in the pre-war 3-colour camouflage pattern; it's a bit fancier than the Blitzkrieg-era grey and brown.

I love having a 3d printer.

This is one straight off the printer, before any clean-up at all.

I've been wrestling with this stringing pretty much since I first got the machine, but nothing I've tried has had much effect except to make it worse.

One thing that affects it badly is moisture absorbed by the PLA from the atmosphere; it gets much worse the longer the reel has been exposed. I shall have to figure out a dry-box solution — maybe a tupperware-style plastic cake box and some silica gel?

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