Bishop in 1:200 scale

There's a chap on Thingiverse who goes by m_bergman who has designed a huge number of wargaming models, from WW1 right through to modern times. The largest number are in 1:200 scale, but he's been steadily increasing the number of 1:100 scale vehicles too.

I like the idea of 1:200 as a wargaming scale. The models are small enough to allow a very compact playing area, but large enough to be easily identifiable. However, up until very recently, the range of models available was very limited compared with the more traditional 1:100 (15mm) or 1:300 (6mm) scales.

I printed the 1:200 scale Bishop 25 pounder SPG — it's the middle model in the photograph. On the right is the Heroics & Ros 1:300 version, and I don't have a 1:100 scale Bishop, so I've used a PSC Valentine instead on the left, the Valentine being the chassis that the Bishop was built on.

I don't know if I'll do much more 1:200 scale stuff; I already have a substantial investment in 1:100 and 1:300, and nobody else I know games in that scale, which means I'd have to provide all the forces if I want to get a game with them. However, if I do choose to do so, being able to print vehicles for a few cents each makes the prospect much more attainable than it would have been just a short time ago.

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