Tuesday 17 July 2018

Fiat 3000

I put together a 15mm (1:100 scale) 3d model of the Italian Fiat 3000 of 1920-21, their version of the ubiquitous Renault FT.

It's available on Shapeways at http://shpws.me/QvY3 (15mm/1:100) or at http://shpws.me/Qwfm (28mm/1:56)

I've made it available in their cheaper white nylon material as well as the high definition resins, but to be honest I'm not completely sure that it will print successfully in that stuff.

Coupla days....

The figure is a 15mm WW1 British officer from Peter Pig, included for scale.

Here's one I printed on my own FDM printer. It's been cleaned up a bit and primed, but I see it needs more attention yet, now that there's a coat of paint on it. It would be better printed in resin on a SLA or DLP printer, but I don't have access to one of those, and am unlikely to any time soon.

FDM prints like this take a fair bit of cleaning up. Not just the printing supports, but the printer nozzle leaves a little spike of plastic off every single one of the rivets (or similar detail) on the top surfaces, and they each need to be individually trimmed back. There are little wisps of filament stringing as well. In ABS, they could be dealt with by a quick brush-over with a brush damped in acetone, but the solvent for PLA is considerably nastier (and harder to get hold of).

Next day...

I've also made 1:100 and 1:56 models of the Fiat 3000 Mod.30, which mounted a long-barreled 37mm gun.

The machine-gun turret from the Mod.21 can also be mounted on this chassis.

The 1:100 scale model is available at http://shpws.me/QwlV

The 1:56 scale model is available at http://shpws.me/QwlW

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