PSC 15mm Churchill — first look

Here's my first look at the 15mm (1/100) Churchill from the Plastic Soldier Company. I've built this one as the cast-turret Mk.IV with the 6-pounder gun.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this kit. My only previous experience of a plastic Churchill kit was the fairly ancient Airfix model, with its horror-show running-gear of a bajillion tiny pieces. This one, however, was an absolute breeze to assemble, possibly the easiest of all the 15mm PSC tank kits I've tried so far.
Sprue layout and assembly options

Assembly instructions
There are five version options offered from the parts included on the sprue, the earliest model being the Mk.III.

I don't know enough about the Churchill to be able to say how easy or difficult it might be to convert this kit to a Mk.I — though I'm sure it's possible.

Instructions are given only for the Mk.III turret, but it's not difficult to work out what's needed for any of the other versions.

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