Desert Covenanter

 This is my 3d-printed 15mm (1:100) Covenanter model, printed in white nylon by Shapeways.

There were not many Covenanters sent out to North Africa, but there were some — I've seen one in the background of a photograph of a tank park in Egypt, and they're briefly mentioned in one of the regimental diaries.

The Covenanter was a much-maligned tank, but in truth, by the time it was replaced by the Crusader (in which many of the same mistakes were made all over again), most of its issues had been fixed, and it was discarded more because the turret ring was incapable of supporting any weapon larger than the two-pounder rather than for any other issues. Much was made in the official literature about inadequate cooling, but it is notable that this issue is raised in none of the reports by the men who had to actually operate it.

It was retained as a primary training vehicle for some considerable time, at least up until late 1943.

I have a troop of Covenanters painted up now (plus another in Home Service livery). I've experimented with a variety of methods to paint this sintered nylon 3d printing material, and I'm fairly happy with them as wargaming pieces. As I've said before on more than one occasion though, it's not adequate for fine modelling purposes.

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