Heavy Soviet Tractors

Komintern 15mm model available at http://shpws.me/Md5G
 I've shown these two of my 3d printing models before, but I wanted to get some better photographs of them.

They're the Komintern (above) and Voroshilovetz (below) heavy tractors, based on the 1932 T24 medium tank chassis. They were considerably more useful in this role than they ever were as a tank.

The models are available for purchase from my Shapeways shop, in 15mm (1/100) scale as shown here, or in 1/285, 1/144, or 1/72 scales.

The figures, included for scale, are from PSC's 15mm Soviet Infantry pack.

Voroshilovetz 15mm model available at
http://shpws.me/MmJN (with canopy)
http://shpws.me/Mmbg (without canopy)

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