Zvezda 1:200 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

This is the 1/200 scale Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV from Zvezda, and the last addition to my early WWII air forces for a while.

Regrettably, Zvezda are more concerned with making their models fit a standard box size than with maintaining a constant scale, so this model is considerably smaller than its companion Fairey Battle, when in fact it should be just a little bit larger — about another 5-10 mm wingspan. It's an annoyance, but I can live with it since its function is to be a gaming marker. Still, I'd have preferred it if it was in 1/144 scale, like all the other aircraft.

I haven't included a bottom view, as it's just overall black without any markings at all, standard livery for RAF day bombers in 1939-40.

Front starboard quarter

Rear port quarter

Top view

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