Battlegroup Battle Rating Chits

The chits un-punched and un-encapsulated
I made myself a set of Battlegroup Battle Rating chits using some 25mm coin cases that I bought from China for a few cents each. I think they'll work pretty well, and I have enough spare cases that I can make any theatre-specific chits I might need.

The discs are cut out using a cheap 25mm circle punch from Warehouse Stationery (in NZ).

The cases' internal diameter is actually 27mm, so the card discs do rattle about a bit in them, but that doesn't really matter too much. Im leaving the cases to shut with a pressure fit; I doubt that they're likely to come apart under normal handling, but if they do a drop of glue will take care of them.

There's a PDF of the layout at

FotR tokens
2017-07-19: PDF updated with a page of the replacement special chits for Fall of the Reich

The reference lines are designed for the specific punch I used, so you may have to experiment a bit to see how they'll work with your own punch. There are a bunch of spare unmarked chits you can do that with.
Some of the chits, both punched and encapsulated

For convenience of use and storage, I made a bag for the chits to rattle around in. It's made of some scrap canvas I had lying around, and it sits flat and open so that the chits are easily accessible during a game, while being deep enough that you're still picking blind unless you actually make an effort to peek.



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