Monster Repurposing

 I recently bought a copy of Fearsome Floors, an entertaining little game of running away from monsters and/or being eaten by them.

A monster construction
 It includes a bunch of die-cut cardboard bits for making a monster, which is fine and dandy, except that the bits fit together quite loosely, and the monster is forever falling to bits as it's moved about.

It's for this reason that I decided to replace the cardboard-bits monster with a one-piece plastic monster that won't disintegrate when someone picks it up. I chose this one for several reasons:

  1. Its base is small enough to fit within the boundaries of the squares on the game board
  2. It's flat enough to sit inside the fairly shallow box
  3. It has a clearly identifiable front an back
  4. It's identifiably monsterish
  5. It was the first one that came to hand

It's a WotC D&D pre-painted 28mm plastic figure labelled "Orc Skeleton" that I gave a quick re-paint. I may very well use other figures as well; it's nice to have a variety critters available, but this is the one that will stay in the box. There's no mechanical effect on the game by having differently-shaped creatures — all monsters' abilities are identical regardless of morphology.

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