Garford-Putilov (15mm)

I've just designed this clunker in 1:100 scale for 3d-printing, the Garford-Putilov armoured truck of 1914 (maybe 1916?), based on the American Garford truck.

It wasn't an elegant machine by any means, and it was grossly top-heavy and under-powered but I rather like the weird look of the thing. It would work for the Back-of-Beyond and Interwar crowds as well, since it was used after WW1 in the Russian Civil War, and by the Freikorps. It could even be used in a WWII game, since apparently the Germans encountered a few of them around Leningrad, though they didn't last long.

The turret is attached to the body of the vehicle by sprues that will need to be cut away. I've experimented for the first time with a lug-and-socket arrangement on the turret plug so that it will remain in place regardless of the attitude of the main body of the model.

It's available from my Shapeways shop at, starting at $13.50 in WSF plastic.

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