Beaverbug painted

 I've painted up my 3d-printed 15mm Beaverette Beaverbug.

I'm not sure that I'm a huge fan of Shapeways' BSF plastic; it seems, if anything, even fluffier than the white. That may be my imagination, but I dunno...
And again, from behind
Anyway, here it is along with a few Battlefront Mediterranean Brits to keep it company and show just how tiny it is.

I need to do a bit more research on what, if any, markings it should have*. It was an RAF vehicle, so it might need some roundels painted on.

I did a 1/56 scale version as well, for 28mm gaming. That has more detailing in the guns, and they and the turret are separate pieces for a bit more flexibility in display — the turret could, if left unglued, be revolved.

* Well, that was easy — Wikipedia came to the rescue with very little effort on my part. The "Mickey Mouse ears" camouflage is from later in the war than my period, but the markings should be roughly similar.

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