Benz-Mgebrov (3d-printed 15mm)

This is my 1/100 scale (15mm) Benz-Mgebrov armoured car, 3d-printed in WSF nylon.

The printing artifacts are very prominent on this model, and it's taken a lot of painting to pull out the detail that was lost amongst all the clutter. There's still detail there, but it's difficult to find until it's been carefully extracted from the background noise of the WSF printing.

I really should hollow the model out to make it more affordable in FUD resin, because it would look so very much better printed in that. At the moment, it's just over thirty bucks (plus postage), three times the cost in WSF, which is far, far too expensive.


I've hollowed out as much as I can hollow, and it's dropped the FUD printing cost down to $20. That's still expensive for a wargaming model, but it's not have-to-sell-a-kidney expensive, and it's positively cheap compared with GW's pricing.

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