15mm WW1 from Peter Pig

I bought these 15mm WW1 BEF figures from Peter Pig some considerable time ago, and they've been sitting around half-painted for about that long.

I'm not at all fond of production-line painting figures, so that's a situation that happens a lot. I have a platoon of 15mm WW2 German Grenadiers in the same plight; I really should do something about finishing them off as well.

I'm pretty pleased with what I've seen of Peter Pig's figures so far. I thought at first they were a bit blobby, but on closer acquaintance I find they have a decent level of detail, they're not too fragile, and they paint up nicely. I wouldn't mind a little bit more variation of pose for troops like these, who spend most of their time in skirmish order, but I can live with it. At least they're not all identical.

These figures aren't actually intended for WW1 gaming; there aren't nearly enough of them for that. They'll be used for skirmish gaming: pre-war colonial fights, maybe a spot of repression in Ireland (in fact they were originally going to be painted as Black & Tans before I decided to keep them a bit more generic), and possibly a bit of inter-war VBCW stuff.

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